wrap your nails

While trend-hunting at the recent Cape Town Professional Beauty Expo, I came across an interesting looking stand. Trendy Nail Wraps can be applied on natural nails (Get Nailed) or as tips with gel or acrylic nails (Pro Cut).
Martin was kind enough to do a demo for me – it took him no more than 90 seconds to apply this one on my thumb
Now as a rule I vom in my mouth cringe very indiscreetly when I see nail art, and I would never have chosen this design for myself, but the concept is pretty cool. Stickers are peeled from a sheet, cut to size, heated with a tiny hair dryer, applied and smoothed on. They last 5-10 days on hands (mine started peeling slightly at the inner edge on day 7 – amongst other things it survived dishwater, massage oil and acetone) and longer on the toes. If you want to remove, you simply heat with a hair dryer to soften the ‘glue’ and peel off – most impressed with the ZERO damage my nail suffered.
I will soon update you on where in your area you can find a nail bar or salon that offers Trendy Nail Wraps, but in the meanwhile, here are some low res images I borrowed from their site to show you just how cool it is.

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