Worthwhile Aesthetic Treatments

This post has been a long time coming, since I so often get asked about the myriad of aesthetic treatments out there. Which ones are safe, which ones are worth it, which ones have I/will I get done myself?

BTL Vanquish Fat Reduction

There are too many slimming treatments on the market to count, and for the most part the only reaction they get out of me is an eye roll. I can’t remember how exactly I was convinced to try the Vanquish treatments about a year ago, but off I went.

The actual treatments are as hassle free as they come – you lie down and a couple of heated panels are positioned strategically over your problem areas, just above the skin. They don’t make contact with the skin, and the treatments aren’t painful, although I found the heat borderline uncomfortable on already hot days. The plates are fairly large, so we could treat most of my abdominal area with each session – a nice bonus over most other slimming treatments.

How it works: It literally kills fat cells (the technical term for that is apoptosis, which means cell death). If that sounds scary, don’t fret because it’s FDA approved. While fat cells are being killed, collagen is being stimulated to ensure that you’re not super saggy after your centimetre loss.

How were my results? Pretty spectacular. By the end of my 6-course treatment I had the confidence to wear fitted shirts, because I didn’t feel that by midriff bulge and love handles were out of proportion anymore.

Did the results last? Yes and no. My love handles are still gone, which makes a huge difference to my overall silhouette. Unfortunately I’m still struggling with my midriff due to an ovarian condition that’s not quite as under control as I thought it was – sadly no amount of treatments can fight that.

If you have any area that’s out of proportion to the rest of your body (midriff, thighs), or single problem areas that bother you (upper arms, double chin) I would highly recommend getting in touch with BTL Aesthetics to see what they can do for you. Get in touch with them here.


I’m not even going to say that much about Botox because I wrote a pretty thorough post on it which you can go read here.  That post was written almost four years ago though, and I thought it would be good to add that I now have botox even less frequently – I’m almost down to once a year.

Definitely do your research and always try to work on recommendations.


With all the new, high tech skin treatments that come and go, IPL is still the one I recommend most often because I’ve seen such incredible results. It’s also super versatile – you can treat capillaries, hyperpigmentation, scarring,  inflammation/breakouts and fine lines in one go.

Again, do your research – I’ve had friends that have gone for multiple treatments that haven’t achieved the results that I’ve had from a single treatment. I can’t recommend Philippa at TUSC enough, and again you can read more about my IPL treatments here.

Eyebrow Microblading

This one is actually only half on the list, because I’m not happy with my own microblading. I have pretty decent brows to start with so I figured just filling the tails slightly to perfect their shape would be a breeze, right? Not so much. The colour wasn’t right to begin with (which I told the therapist, who said she couldn’t mix colours) and it has further faded. I also can’t see any hair strokes.

BUT I have seen a couple of friends with really great microbladed brows. And even when it’s not perfect, it’s still better than the older version of permanent make-up that you’re pretty much stuck with for life.

I’m going to give it one last shot by going to someone else for another touch-up – I’ll pick one of my friends with good brows and go to their technician. The only advice I can offer is to pretty much ignore the before and after pics, because they all look great directly afterwards – you need to see the result a month later before you make your decision.

Right, those are my recommendations. Which non-surgical aesthetic procedures do you swear by? I’m super curious about fillers…

C x


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