What’s going on here, and why is there another kitten?

I won’t make a long, harrowing tale of it, but I very much missed the traditional blog format. Even though I paid a lot of money for my template and gave it more than enough time, it just never grew on me. So I’ve switched things back. This is the Beta version if you will, and over the next week or two a couple of changes will be integrated to streamline things a bit.

So I sincerely hope I’m not the only one that prefers scrolling through one blog post after another. Somewhat prettier blog to follow soon.

C xx

PS – A couple of hours ago a bewildered kitten somehow ended up in our enclosed yard, and ran into the house when I opened the back door to try figure out what the screaming was about. It’s very anxious, very hyper, very hungry and I’m assuming very scared. It’s created all kinds of chaos, including knocking over my product shelves (which I’ve not yet reassembled, I’m too scared to see what the actual damage is). It is also extremely affectionate, and keeps climbing circles around my neck, headbutting my face, and generally trying to become one with me, or perhaps my jersey.

Orphan is unfortunately going to the SPCA as soon as we can take her since we already have two cats, and I’m not convinced she’s 100% domestic cat. If I froth at the mouth at tomorrow’s MAC trend forecast, please take me to the nearest private hospital – it’s DEFINITELY rabies.


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