what would you want to pack?

This was the question The Man asked me early last night, when it was clear that we might have a big problem on hand. Fires were threatening to enter Kleinmond, and they were doing so at an uncomfortable speed.
One of the two roads that connects the town with civilization was closed due to thick clouds of smoke and flames fuming at it’s edges. We had been without electricity since 15h30 the afternoon, and the water board asked all residents to use water sparingly as not to put the water purification plant under stress. One neighbourhood had already been evacuated, and it seemed that ours was next.
This was the view from our front door at about 8pm
And this is what was going on at midnight, about 200m from our home

It is now 24 hours after the fire was first reported, and it’s unfortunately still going strong. Luckily it has moved away from all residential areas, and we got our electricity back early this morning. To my best knowledge there has been no injuries and no buildings have been damaged – but more than a square kilometre of vegetation has been destroyed so far.
On the plus side, I realised I’m not very materialistic. When I thought about it, I decided on The Man’s music equipment and a suitcase full of clothes. And maybe some of my cosmetic stash. And the hand written recipe book my mom made for me. And I’m sure I’ll grab a kindle and PC and xbox if I happen to run past it.
But all of this will only happen after I’ve made sure all the neighbours are awake and I’ve successfully captured and detained Captain Courage the cat.



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