Tried and Tested: Clarins Vital Light day & night cream for all skin types

So I’m still going strong with my Bright Plus Experiment.
But more on that once I’ve completed the treatment course.
I was enjoying the Vital Light SPF20 lotion for daytime. Until yesterday, that is. Out of nowhere, WINTER announced her arrival.. And I know it’s not even April yet, but my skin got a cue somewhere that cold weather is approaching, and threw a tantrum.
More, it demanded from me not unlike a child at an ice cream parlour, and to avoid a tantrum I decided to oblige. So bye-bye for now, dear lotion, and bring on the creams. And that, of course,  meant that I could open my Vital Light Day Cream, also from Clarins. It has been mocking me ever since I received it – but I was planning to finish the Bright Plus first until said skin tantrum.
This cream is an addition to the Vital Light range launched by Clarins in 2010. This anti-ageing wonder protects skin against pollutants, encourages micro circulation, unifies skin tone and helps defy the visible appearance of changes in the dermis. I received the brand new Vital Light day & night creams for all skin types. Absolutely loving it! Texture, fragrance – everything! Looking forward to using the night cream as soon as I’m finished with Bright Plus.
Bravo to Clarins for making anti-ageing practical for the young(er) crowd as well – no heaviness, breakouts or congestion, just smoothing, comfort and moisturisation. In my opinion, this cream would be suitable for 22-35 year olds with normal-dry and normal-combination skins.
The illuminating day cream will be available in two versions – either with our without SPF15. Both these and the revitalizing night cream will retail for R895 each and will be in stores mid May 2011.

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