TOY nail polish is changing the game just a little

Great. Yet another new higher-end nail polish, I thought when I skimmed the TOY nail polish press release. Some finer details sold me on the brand though, so here’s the lowdown.

The first thing that sold me was that we’ll get new collections in SA every two months. As much as I love my classic shades, having access to fresh, new shades every second month gives me quite a kick. TOY also promises that the first coat of colour dries in 50 seconds, the second coat in 1 min 30 secs with a total drying time of 7 minutes including base & top coat.

The first TOY nail polish shades available in SA
The first TOY nail polish shades available in SA

For the rest of it I like the way the products are distributed via a direct sales model. The idea is that you buy 10 (or more) polishes and sell to your friends, and now this picture of super trendy South American girls that sell cool nail polish shades to their friends in their living rooms is stuck in my head. They’re all olive skinned, they speak Spanish and they wear short-shorts and lots of jewellery. NO IDEA where that comes from but I quite like it. To sell TOY nail polish yourself, (short-shorts not compulsory), email

Lastly, TOY nail polishes are fairly clean & green – they’re free from formaldehyde, toluene and camphor; and they’re packaged in bottles made from recycled glass and unbleached paper.

The first 29 shades are available already, and TOY nail polish retails for R99 each. I have three shades to try, and I’ll be giving one or two of them a go in the next week or so to test the longevity. Keep an eye on my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds to see them.

TOY nail polish in Azul Oscuro, Plata and Fucsia
The shades aren’t on the bottles (grrrr) but from the guide it looks like this is Azul Oscuro, Plata and Fucsia

Current stockists:

Egality in Parkhurst, Johannesburg
Palme in BluBird Shopping Centre, Johannesburg
Simply French in Nicoleway Centre, Johannesburg
Sherbet Angel in Parkhurst, Johannesburg
May Boutique in Stellenbosch, Cape Town
Madison Boutique in Constantia, Cape Town
Coco Li in Cape Quarter and Paddocks Centre, Cape Town

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