Three new fragrances from Lancome, Viktor & Rolf and Crabtree & Evelyn

It’s been a busy couple of months for fragrances – I’ve seen and smelt the most gorgeous things lately. I also have two scents on my shopping list, even though I haven’t bought a perfume in years – I’m ridiculously obsessed with Issey Miyake Eau D’Issey Absolue, and I’m super curious about Elizabeth & James Nirvana White. I’ve only smelt the latter in a scratch-and-sniff scenario in a hand-me-down Allure magazine, but I’m very dedicated to get the real thing.

I have three vastly different fragrances to share with you, so I’m going to get cracking.

Viktor & Rolf BONBON EDP

You’ve probably heard of Flowerbomb, Viktor & Rolf’s cult favourite? Well say hello to Bonbon, their latest creation.

Aside from having ridiculously cool packaging, I find the fruity/sweet fragrance very enjoyable. I won’t lie, the candy packaging misled me so much at first that I put off trying it for some time. I imagined a gourmand Angel-esque fragrance for a very young crowd, but Bonbon is surprisingly fresh.

Viktor & Rolf Bonbon
Viktor & Rolf Bonbon


While it does have a sweetness to it, it’s balanced by fresh, fruity notes (citrus, berries, some peach), white flowers (jasmine, orange blossom) and a slightly woody base. There’s a caramel note in there as well, but it’s soft and subtle and not too overpowering – all in all it’s a beautifully light, balanced fragrance that brings sophistication to the ‘sweet’ fragrance category.

Get BonBon for R990 (30ml) – R1489 (90ml).

Crabtree & Evelyn Ottoman Rose EDP

If you like your fragrances intense and sophisticated, the Night Garden collection from Crabtree will be right up your street. I received the Ottoman Rose fragrance, and I’ve gone from ‘this isn’t really my thing’ to wearing it on cold winter’s days to warm up my soul. Aside from the obvious Rose, there are a couple of spices in the mix (saffron flower, white pepper), some easy notes to lift the fragrance (blackberry and tonka) and a deep, smoky base of leather and sandalwood.

Crabtree & Evelyn Ottoman Rose EDP
Crabtree & Evelyn Ottoman Rose EDP

Of the four fragrances there was one that I liked better, but I’ve now managed to forget which one it was – I think it’s Persian The. It reminded me of a gentler version of Aramis Calligraphy – a scent that I love, but can’t wear myself.

Ottoman Rose is part of the Perfumes of the Night Garden collection. All four scents are unisex and can be found online and at Crabtree & Evelyn stores for R2200 (100ml).

Lancome La Vie est Belle L’Eau de Toilette

This year Lancome launches the EDT version of their very popular La Vie est Belle (La Vie est Belle means life is beautiful in French, and is pronounced lah-vee-eh-bell).

Lancome La Vie est Belle EDT
Lancome La Vie est Belle EDT


I can’t decide which version of Lancome La Vie est Belle I like best because they’re pretty different, but I really enjoy La Vie est Belle EDT after a couple of hours. While it seems rather woody to me initially, it dries down to a soft, sophisticated scent that will suit just about anyone. It’s a distinctive floral with plenty of different white flowers, iris and patchouli, and after a couple of hours there’s that hint of a soapy scent that is always my indicator of a good floral. There are some spun sugar notes in the mix too, but surprisingly it doesn’t really feature.

Get Lancome La Vie est Belle EDT for R865 (50ml).

Any new (or old) fragrances on your radar? I’d love to know who likes what.

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