Thomas Sabo fragrances launch in SA {review}

I have three fragrances to share with you so I’ll skip on the waffling today. Thomas Sabo is most well known for his jewellery and watch designs – the Charm Club bracelets are particularly famous. There are 450+ charms to choose from, so you’ll be able to build a couple of killer charm bracelets.

thomas sabo charm club


There are three new fragrances – Charm Rose, Charm Rose Intense and Charm Kiss. I interpret the fragrances to be young and fun, but the whole idea behind them is that a younger woman can wear them to feel more sophisticated, and an older woman can wear them to feel sexy in a youthful way.

I love how these three Thomas Sabo Charm club fragrances lend themselves to be a ready-to-wrap gift. The bottles are fairly simple, but they come in beautiful round mini hatboxes, and they each come with a different charm around the neck of the bottle.

I think the packaging and price point is great all round, and here’s what I think of the individual scents:

Thomas sabo charm club fragrances

Thomas Sabo Charm Club Charm Rose EDP
Thomas Sabo Charm Club Charm Rose EDP – this one is my favourite overall packaging of the three, and I like the Rose Intense bottle the best.

Charm Rose

I love how they got a little creative with the notes, naming them differently to represent different facets – Luck, Fashion and Love/Passion instead of top, mid and base notes.

Luck: yellow plum, clementine, white peach flower

Fashion: chinese rose, alpine rose, musk rose

Love/Passion: tonka bean, amber, rosewood, vanilla, sandalwood.

If you need to get a gift for someone fairly young and you’re not entirely sure what they’ll enjoy, this fruity-floral scent is a good choice. It’s an easy-to-wear, fresh scent that you can wear from morning to night without getting tired of it or being overwhelmed by it. It’s a little too ‘everyday’ for me though, but I know loads of people that will love it.

Charm Rose Intense

Top: mandarin, freesia, white peach

Mid: black rose symphony (an absolue of dark red, almost black, roses)

Fond (base): patchouli, rosewood, vanilla, amber

Charm Rose Intense is a fuller, richer scent with distinct rose notes (not granny rose – sweet, full, fresh rose). I also smell slight hints of white florals, fruit and woods – it’s a very balanced fragrance that I find quite sexy and pretty unique.

Thomas Sabo Charm Club  Charm Rose Intense
Thomas Sabo Charm Club Charm Rose Intense
Thomas Sabo Charm Club Charm Kiss EDP
Thomas Sabo Charm Club Charm Kiss EDP

Charm Kiss

Attraction (top): strawberry, champagne, currant, apples, raspberry

Temptation (mid): jasmine, violet, freesia, plum and a hint of rose.

Sensation (base): dark chocolate, sandalwood, musk, vanilla.

Charm Kiss is the first fragrance in ages that has surprised me, and I see that as a good thing. I can identify a lot of chocolate yet it’s not overly sweet – it’s just a really fun fragrance for someone who’s a little offbeat and experimental. I also pick up something slightly masculine, which balances it perfectly. I also experience this to be a ‘young’ fragrance, yet I can’t help myself from spritzing it every now and then.

The Charm Club scents go for R795 each (50ml EDP) and are available from Stuttafords and selected Edgars, Red Square, Foschini, Truworths and Clicks.

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