Sun Protection: Don’t forget your lips

I don’t blame you if you’re having Zinc-stick flashbacks right about now. I used to refuse to wear anything but the lumo pink ones – the yellow, green and orange was like, SO uncool…

Blue ZInc sunscreen
Hell no, I wouldn’t have worn this one… ‘cos it aint pink

My point is, it used to be that it you wanted to protect your lips against the sun, a zinc-like stick in a lumo colour or semi opaque white were you only options. Those didn’t do your moisture levels any favours either, so you had flaky lips whether you burnt them or not.

Enter plot twist… Not anymore! I’ve been using Ultrasun SPF15 Ultralip for a week or so now, and if it didn’t say sunscreen on the tube, I wouldn’t have known. Its a waxy formula like any other high quality lip balm, and applies without a hint of white residue. I’m very chuffed to add this to my daily summer routine, because lip care is one area where I hadn’t quite found a solution for sun protection yet. The only remaining area now is eyelids. Any ideas?

Ultrasun Ultralip SPF15
Ultrasun Ultralip SPF15

I’ve read up quite a bit about Ultrasun, which is a Swiss brand, and I’m now keen to try out the rest of my samples – they boast with functions like photo stability (meaning one application will get you through the day), water resistance (even after towelling and showering), and no preservatives, perfumes, or fats (making a skin reaction near impossible). Ultrasun products are available from selected dermatologists and pharmacists (without prescription), as well as online. Ultralip SPF15 retails for around R50.

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