Spotty back? Say hello to this handy new friend.

Sometimes, an annoying problem calls for a simple solution. Like a Spot Buster Body Spray with a 360º spray nozzle. Because who wants to ask someone to apply spot treatment to their back? Not me.

Yardley Oatmeal Spot Buster Body Spray
Yardley Oatmeal Spot Buster Body Spray

While I don’t currently have body spots to test it on, the combination of Allantion, Menthol and Tea Tree oil (and also AC.NET, a Yardley-exclusive spot-fighting ingredient) makes my former-skincare-therapist-toes curl with joy. Because it doesn’t only aim to fry the living daylights out of the spots, it also contains the soothing (Allantion) and cooling (Menthol) ingredients needed to prevent further inflammation. And good old anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory Tea Tree can’t do much wrong in my eyes. It also has a lovely Minty-fresh fragrance, which made me want to use it as a face spritzer.

Clever ingredients aside, I hope they win a Nobel prize for the packaging. Whether you hold the bottle sideways, upright, or upside down; it sprays (I tested). Bravo!

Available at R75 for 150ml from Edgars, Foschini, Pick n Pay, Clicks, DisChem and selected pharmacies.

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