Spa day at Sante

This past Wednesday a media group that included yours truly were treated to a spa day at Sante Winelands, just outside Paarl.

We were welcomed with drinks and breakfast pastries, after which the fun began. I have the most deadly, crippling, monsterous a bit of a cold so the pampering was much appreciated by my self pitying body.

Simply Spa took the reigns at Sante in January this year. If you’re not aware, the entire hotel was closed for about four years after the drama that was Fidentia. Simply Spa seem to be doing a very good job, and they also run the spas at Lanzerac and De Zalze. Read more about Simply Spa here

I’d love to think we were all invited because we’re so awesome, but the occasion was arranged to go with a deal launched by WiCount – a group buying site. For the nitty gritty you can visit their website. The Sante deal saves you a massive 72%: R995 per person for a night’s luxurious accommodation and pampering spa treatments at the 5 star Santé Hotel, Resort & Spa (normal value R3550)

My therapist, Madaleen, is from the Simply Spa branch at Lanzerac, and gave me a perfect back massage, exfoliation, and foot massage. I was, however, pretty disappointed with my manicure – dozens of tiny bubbles appeared in the nail varnish as soon as it started drying, so I had to remove it the next day. Not blaming my therapist – the fault normally lies with the product in a case like this, and she did only have limited time to get the job done.

The rest of the day was spent floating around in the jacuzzi, swimming in the heated pool, lounging by the poolside, being fed…

And then, the fish!

The fishies doing their job. This amazing pic is by Lizane Louw, Kikis Photography.

Bryony (my good friend and Lifestyle, Food & health ed of and I were pretty fascinated by the little fishies.

 These guys chow away at dead skin, leaving the healthy skin alone. They are commonly used to treat skin conditions like Psoriasis since they give a good exfoliation while improving the circulation at the same time. The procedure is also seen as disinfectant, since injured or diseased skin is eaten away. It does sound utterly disgusting, but if you can grin (or squeal and wriggle) and bear it for the first few minutes, it’s actually a pleasant experience.

The two types of fish most commonly used are Garra rufa and Cyprinion macrostomus. Our big boys were of the latter fish family.

Still making up my mind about the ethics behind keeping fish in a tank for the sole purpose of cleaning people’s feet, but it’s something to definitely experience at least once. 

And yes, I do see both the pun and the irony in that one.


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