Skincare – above and beyond

A couple of weeks ago I wrote this post about my skincare staples. It’s a simple routine that covers all the basics, and I can happily use that and get by.

I do love skincare so that’s not where I stop though. I add extra products and treatments to improve and maintain my skin and facial appearance. Many things can be replaced, but your skin isn’t one of them.


I take a good dose of hydrolysed bovine collagen daily. I use Be Bright, and I dissolve it in my morning coffee – it has no taste and dissolves easily. I absolutely take it to improve my skin’s moisture and elasticity levels, but I also take it for joint health. I’m a little hyper-flexible so my joints take strain, and separately there’s a fair dose of arthritis in my family so it’s part of a precaution to that.

I can see a definite difference when I take it regularly (I’m finally back in the habit after coming back from holiday, where I could not for the life of me remember to take it). My skin is less dry from top to toe, and I like to think it’s a little more plump/bouncy but I have no way to measure or prove that.

Be Bright pure hydrolysed bovine collagen powder

There are marine collagens available as well if you’re not on board with bovine versions. My preference is bovine as I’m not vegetarian and my research points in that direction for best efficacy.


I’ve slow-and-steadily been botoxing my frown & forehead area for many years. It softens some otherwise very stern features, and it prevents frown lines and forehead wrinkles from settling in.

The last couple of times I added the eye area as well – I’m pretty conservative there as I intend to keep smiling and laughing with my eyes.

I’ve been getting lip fillers for the last year or two – purely because I like having a slightly plumper upper lip, and she definitely started losing volume after 30. I’ve noticed it has a definite overall softening effect on my features. My preference with lip filler is very conservative – one of my top 5 worst nightmares is a trout pout.

Professional treatments

I don’t go for regular facials or even peels – I figure I have most of the products to DYI that. I do have an IPL treatment once or twice a year to zap capillaries that gives me an overall red appearance – it’s just my skin type. While I’m there they also check for sun spots and zap them along with the capillaries. In addition to that, IPL is very rejuvenating and gives your skin an overall boost as well.

Treatment products

In addition to the skincare mentioned in this post, I periodically add other products as well. These vary according to my skin needs and as I research and discover products. There are often additional anti-oxidants, and more often than not an indulgent balm or oil. Extras I’m throwing in at the moment:

The Ordinary Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3% (details here). It’s a pretty potent combination of two great antioxidants. Indicated to combat hyperpigmentation and other visible signs of environmental damage, especially sun-related. Locally you can buy it here.

Still with The Ordinary (I’m waiting for a bomb to burst on how they can deliver these ingredients at these prices compared to their competitors. I mean, it seems too good to be true?), I also have their 30% Vitamin C Suspension (details here), which is a great vitamin/antioxidant to treat photo damage.

The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 30% and Resveratrol 3% Ferulic Acid 3%

Vitamin C is an all-rounder in my books as it benefits collagen production and almost immediately improves skin brightness – which would be a traditional ‘anti-ageing’ and pigmentation product in one. As an added bonus it works in synergy with Ferulic Acid, so I try use the two together.

I also love a good facial oil. Since they mainly work in the superficial layers of the skin I love plain old Argan oil (I like the one from SOiL). The texture is phenomenal and the antioxidant properties are amazing. I’ve also recently rekindled a love for Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules – I think the innovation of a single use oil capsule is heavily underrated, and it has a silky smooth dry-oil texture with lovely nourishing benefits.

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Oil capsule

Since I use a very basic moisturiser, I alternate it with a day and night cream with additional treatment benefits every now and then. I’ll do this as I see/feel my skin is in need of something, or otherwise during stressful periods, seasonal changes or whenever required.

Recently I’ve been favouring the Avéne DermAbsolu range. Skincare isn’t so much marketed according to age anymore, but rather according to your needs. While this range is definitely intended for mature skin, it addresses most of my concerns at once. The Dermabsolu range caters for loss of firmness and elasticity (hello jowels), it definitely improves skin texture and brightness, and it provides nourishment while still containing soothing ingredients for sensitive skins.

Around R500 per product, find more info here.

Avene Dermabsolu serum, day cream and night balm

Do you have an effective or indulgent skincare ‘extra’ that you’re sold on? Please spill!

There is no sponsored or affiliate content in this post. I have previously been affiliated with Avéne and SOiL, you can get more details here.

C xx


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