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hannon ogx coconut smartbondI feel like a total fraud, because as I type I’m sitting here with partially ultraviolet hair because of a gentian violet incident. And by incident I mean I wanted to play around but used approximately 10 times too much of it.

Nevertheless, my hair is really healthy, and it’s happy with all the shampoos and conditioners I’ve tested in the last couple of months. Here’s the dirt:

My go-to silver shampoo since I started lightening my hair has been this odd-looking Natur Vital Shampoo. It works well, and you can get it for R70 from Dis-Chem. Shelene recommended that I use Smartbond conditioner after we did my second Balayage treatment. It extends the life of the professional Smartbond treatment and protects and moisturises your hair. It doesn’t feel heavy at all – so much so that I applied ‘regular’ conditioner over it a couple of times a week.

I was super impressed with the Hannon Volume shampoo & conditioner, R162 each. Only when I finished the products did I realise how feather light the shampoo made my hair, and how well the conditioner controlled static. I can definitely recommend this duo for fine, limp or oily hair.

I was massively impressed with the OGX Coconut Water shampoo (the review is over here), so I was super keen to try the OGX Coconut Milk variant (not a coconut fan as a rule, by the way). It’s great for shine and manageability, although the shampoo is a smidge too rich for my hair. The conditioner is amazing though – it makes my hair super silky. R170 from Clicks or Dis-Chem.

I gave the Hannon Platinum Fusion shampoo to a friend to try, and she doesn’t have any complaints. I kept the leave in spray for myself, and if I stuck with that I would have had the ash blonde hair I was aiming for – not the ultraviolet ends I’m currently sporting. Get Hannon products from participating salons or online.

I’m due for a new shampoo & conditioner now though – any recommendations for fine, but processed hair?

C x

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