Say Hello to my Little Friends: Cherubs Travel Sized Wipes (at the price of a can of Coke)

In a culture where we all seem to be forever sanitizing everything (trolley handles? really?), I’ve long grown accustomed to having hand sanitizer or wet wipes at my disposal. I’ve gotten many a disgusted look in public bathrooms – if the basins & taps look wet/dodge, I’ll walk out without washing my hands, and grab some sanitizing tools after I’ve been through the last door handle of evil. And don’t get me started on those nasty germ-blowing air dryers. Let them think what they want about my lack of hand-washing…

Cherubs wipes
Cherubs wipes
Cherubs wipes
Cherubs wipes

Back on topic, I recently got a handful of different wipes to try out from Cherubs. While the packaging is not the most glam I’ve seen, I love, love, love the mini packs of 10 wipes – it’s perfect handbag/cubby hole/desk drawer size, and you’ll certainly finish the pack before they start drying out. I don’t even care that they seem to be geared at moms & babies

Of the 4 variants, I most like the Eco-care hand & face wipes because the actual fabric feels so luxurious – it’s soft and smooth against your skin (it’s hydrospun viscose, fyi). They’re also flushable and biodegradable – I wish ALL wipes were. I was miffed that I couldn’t clean my face with it though – my skin started tingling halfway through. If yours is any less full of shit than mine, you should be fine though – I can’t even use baby wipes. Speaking of flushable, I always like to have a pack of feminine wipes in my bag – in case of TP emergencies amongst other things. The Comfitex wipes are also biodegradable and flushable, making them handy helpers for handbags and camping situations.

There’s also a Sensitive variant for hands & face and Anti Bacterial wipes for sticky fingers (the sweet apple scent is divine). Both are cool, and I could give my face a quick wipe with the Sensitive variant without incident. Do read dearest Leigh’s account of how she’s been using fanny wipes on her face, and (I’m assuming) the other way round here.

Available from major retailers, 10-packs are priced between R7 – R10 (A can of Coke Zero costs just under R7 now, right??)

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  1. Feb 23, 2013 / 9:52 PM

    I also hate it when they start drying out, need to get myself some of these and leave them every where

    • Feb 27, 2013 / 8:33 AM

      Exactly! I keep throwing away half-packets of dried out wipes, these are the perfect size x

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