Riri Hearts MAC Fall Collection – have you SEEN Riri Woo lipstick?

It’s the weirdest thing how grown women can go crazy over limited edition makeup collections, yet here we are again practically losing our marbles over the Riri hearts MAC fall collection.

RiRi Hearts MAC Fall 2013
RiRi Hearts MAC Fall 2013
RiRi Hearts MAC Fall 2013
RiRi Hearts MAC Fall 2013 (Click on the image source for some good swatches of the products in the collection, I totally borrowed this pic without permission)

It’s not the first time Rihanna collaborates with MAC, and they’re certainly doing something right because they’re managing to keep everyone super excited about these collabs. The single most anticipated product from this collection is definitely RiRi Woo – a matte, cool red lipstick that was developed with a nod to the success of the classic Ruby Woo (it’s also compared with MAC Russian Red). I’ve seen if on various beauty eds before it launched in the last couple of weeks; and I swear it looked great on every single one of them.

I don’t have any samples from this collection myself and I don’t even quite have all the info; but what I can tell you is while the collection launched on Thursday, 3 October and is technically on shelf for a month you don’t have long to get the items you lust after if you haven’t yet done so. These collections sell out notoriously fast; internationally they’re released in phases and the most popular products are often sold out within the first day or two. Your best bet would be to to go to the not-so-huge centres that stock MAC and see if you can find the products there – I’m sneaking off to Centurion Mall this afternoon this afternoon in hopes of finding a RiRi Woo myself.

In other news, MAC invited a couple of beauty eds and bloggers to Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour concert at FNB stadium on Sunday and I’m SO looking forward to it! The only live things I ever watch are rock bands, and I’ve seen many of them; both big and small. But this will be an interesting change of pace – and so is going with a bunch of girls! I’ll tell you all about it afterwards. And as I type, I’m listening to Rihanna to make sure I can sing along to some songs. Nobody wants to be THAT girl…

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