Review: DKNY Keith Haring Be Delicious Art, Fresh Blossom Art, Golden Delicious Art

Last week I did a post full of pretty pictures, snapping away at the gorgeous designs of the Keith Haring designs on the packaging, and wondering whether I’ll get away with flattening and framing the boxes. All this time I was assuming it was the original fragrances, dressed up in limited edition packaging.

Delicious Art packaging - Keith Haring for DKNY. DKNY Be Delicious Art (Top), DKNY Fresh Blossom Art (bottom left) and DKNY Golden Delicious Art.
Delicious Art packaging – Keith Haring for DKNY. DKNY Be Delicious Art (Top), DKNY Fresh Blossom Art (bottom left) and DKNY Golden Delicious Art.


Then I woke up and read the press release properly, and wanted to kick myself (as I sprayed every available surface on my body with various incarnations of Delicious Art), because they were indeed tweaked versions of the originals. Fear not; for mi nose, su nose. Without further ado, here we go:

DKNY Be Delicious Art

I know this one is meant to be inspired by Haring’s eccentric style and creative palette (their words), but to me it smells like a somewhat more sophisticated version of DKNY Be Delicious. To my nose it’s a tad less fruity, and just a little more complex and rounded. Officially, a fresh Apple note is accentuated with Blackcurrant and Litchi, with a heart of Rose and Mimosa and a base of Musk and Cedarwood. It’s a gorgeous, versatile fragrance with a lot of the original Be Delicious recognisable in it.

DKNY Fresh Blossom Art

Fresh Blossom Art gives a nod to the artist’s love for bright colours. It’s quite a sweet fragrance, and in my mind that makes it a young fragrance. You immediately smell Red Delicious Apple (it actually smells like apple juice), then Grapefruit. Antoher top note is Cassis, but I don’t quite pick it up. Heart notes are Freesia, Magnolia and Rose essence on a base of Musk, Sandalwood and Cedarwood. This fragrance it the epitomy of fun, carefree, not-a-worry-in-the-world. Well, to me, anyway. A little sweet for my taste, but still pretty.

DKNY Golden Delicious Art

Lastly, Golden Delicious represents the boldness of Haring’s art. It’s a happy mix of fruits and florals, and I’ll have you know: if anyone wants to take this bottle from me, they’ll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands. I am in fact having limited edition anxiety, and I’m contemplating buying another bottle because I’m obsessed with this scent. Officially it opens with Raspberry, Bergamot and Mango nectar, and has a white floral heart with Gardenia, Orange Flower Petals and Muguet (the latter I’ve never heard of). At the base there’s Apple blossom, Sandalwood, and warm Amber crystals. Unofficially: I don’t care, I just want to smell like this every day until I say stop. I’ll name my next cat after it. I’ll write a sonnet in it’s honour. Whatever it takes.

View this post for stockist details, prices and more pictures of the pretty packaging.

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  1. Nov 22, 2013 / 12:14 AM

    Thanks for the breakdown on the fragrances — prior to reading this, I assumed that these were the same scents as the original. I just saw them on DKNY’s website, and the Haring artwork is making a little voice in my head scream “buy me!”.

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