Prevage renovation

Last week the lovely ladies at Elizabeth Arden invited me to attend a Prevage workshop at the trendy Pepper Club Hotel in Cape Town.
Some Prevage Background: 
Prevage has earned cult status as an all round anti-ageing wonder. The power of Prevage comes from Idebenone, currently the most powerful antioxidant for protecting skin from oxidative stress.
Simplified, oxidative stress = damage caused by ROS (reactive oxygen species), aka free radicals. EPF (Environmental Protection Factor) indicates the level of protection against free radicals, similar to the way SPF indicates the level of protection against UV rays. Idebenone scored an EPF of a whopping 95/100 in a study that consists of measuring five different aspects of antioxidant capability. I find it very comforting that the results of this study was also published in the American Medical Journal, and is executed in laboratory as well as on human skins.  
General Improvements:
Instead of a time release molecule, Idebenone is now encapsuled in an esther. This means smaller molecules resulting in more efficient penetration and less chance of irritation occurring even with this very potent active ingredient. The esthers also allows for skin to build up a reservoir of Idebenone to utilise when required – seriously smart skincare if you ask me!
The most recently revamped products are:

PREVAGE Eye Advanced Anti-Ageing Serum, 15ml, R795
PREVAGE Eye Ultra Protection Anti-Ageing Moisturizer, 15ml, R795
PREVAGE Clarity Targeted Skin Tone Corrector, 30ml, R895

I am very excited to start trying these wunderkids next week, product reviews to follow soon!

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