Mini Prada Candy EDP review

I discovered about 15 sample vials of various perfumes while cleaning out & (sort of) reorganising my office over the weekend. I decided I’ll do quick overviews/reviews of some of the ones I like over the next couple of weeks. I love having these in my handbag, and you can often get hold of sample vials to try before you buy by asking at cosmetic counters.

Prada Candy is a gourmand fragrance (meaning most of the elements/notes are ‘edible’ scents) through and through, which is usually not really to my taste but this one really surprised me in the best possible way. The main accords are Caramel, Musk and Benzoin (a vanilla-like resin) which sounds absolutely revolting to me in theory but in reality it smells sweet, warm and not overpowering when sprayed in moderation (I can imagine a cloud of this being suffocating though).

Prada Candy EDP
Prada Candy EDP

If you’re a fan of sweet scents but lean towards the more sophisticated edge of things, recommend giving Prada Candy a try. I’ll try to confirm the recommended retail prices, but I saw it on DisChem’s online shop for R870 for 50ml here.

UPDATE: Recommended retail prices are R695 for 30ml, R940 for 50ml, R1150 for 80ml.

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