Have you ever used LCN makeup products?

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. Well over a month ago (let’s be honest, it’s been closer to two months) LCN sent me a mahoosive bag of makeup.

Because of a combination of things (I didn’t know what it was about/my Macbook doesn’t have a CD drive so I couldn’t check out the included disc/I had a massive backlog/I was expecting a follow-up mail) I set it aside and there it kind of stayed as I started working my way through my backlog and then was burgled resulting in a substantially larger backlog.

I’ll stop trying to explain my way out of this and rather get on with it. When I eventually dug into the bag last week it was like having a birthday. Four beautiful smaller bags, each filled with different products. The bonus? They’re completely new to me. Can you say score?

Before I even get to their limited edition winter gift sets, three of the products have caught my eye.

The very first was LCN Polish Seal, R210. It’s a top coat that hardens when exposed to UV light (a lightbulb is enough) or heat. There aren’t any promises on the packaging with regards to what you can expect in terms of longevity, but I’m going to test it very soon.

I was expecting a glitter explosion when I opened New Year’s Divas Highlight Cream,R200, but the shimmer is hardly detectable and you’ll only see glimpses of it when it catches the right light. I mostly fell for the Goji Berry scent here though – it’s divine.

The last (but most eye catching) mention is the Divas Gold Clutch, R335. I immediately spotted potential to liven up my mostly black evening outfits, but I chalked it off as a cheaply made bag that will unravel the second time I use it. When I went in for a closer look I saw that it had an impressively sturdy zip, a thick, silky lining and an inner zipper bag. The sequins are also sewn on, not glued like the cheap stuff.

It’s large enough to hold the essentials and then some . Don’t you just hate it when you have to choose between your mini dry shampoo and your mini deodorant when you operate with a clutch bag? Both will fit in here comfortably along with your phone, touch-up makeup, cash, cards and whatever weird things you carry with you.

LCN Light and Heat Curing Polish Seal
LCN Light and Heat Curing Polish Seal
LCN New Year's Divas Highlight Cream
LCN New Year’s Divas Highlight Cream
LCN Divas Gold Clutch
LCN Divas Gold Clutch
LCN Divas Gold Clutch
LCN Divas Gold Clutch

I’ll be doing two more posts on LCN (for now, anyway) – one that showcases some of their limited edition winter sets, and another with my favourite products after I’ve had a chance to try them out. I’ve already started using them and there are some good stuff in there.

LCN is available from selected salons, view the stockist list here.

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  1. May 28, 2014 / 9:42 AM

    I’ve seen the brand’s name, but didn’t know that they do make-up. Looking forward to your reviews.

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