Kiehl’s #changeyourskin update – two weeks in

We’re two weeks into the Kiehl’s #changeyourskin challenge – if you’re not up to speed about what the challenge is, read here for the introduction and here for our first impressions after one week.

I’m still deliriously happy with Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate (PSLRC) and how it makes my skin feel. I love the satiny texture and the rapid absorption; and I’m pleased that there is an improvement in the brightness and radiance of my skin. Midnight Recovery Concentrate is growing on me, but I must admit that I hardly ever seem to apply the right amount. Too little and it feels unimpressive, too much and I feel how I rub it off on the pillow – you would think that I could work a pipette by now.

I don’t have less or more breakouts (they still come and go), but there is less congestion and small bumps.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate
Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate

I asked each of the participating readers to give me a quick update with regards to how their skins are feeling. Nina, 34, reported back that her new routine is second nature now, and that she sees a definite improvement in overall skin brightness – so much so that no-makeup days is no longer reserved strictly for days when she’s working from home. Nina also finds her skin to be more plump and hydrated. After reading everyone’s first impressions last week she feared that she was using too little product, but after experimenting she went back to using one pump of PSLRC (I use 4/5!).

Sam, 27, feels that her skin is much more supple and hydrated, and she loves the Midnight Recovery Concentrate (MRC). She’s not a fan of the PSLRC texture, but she’s sticking it out. Sam says she’s happily settled into a daily routine (she hardly had any skincare in place before) and I’m thrilled that she’s happy to apply sun protection every day now.

Imma, 56, sounds like she wants to sing Midnight Recovery Concentrate a love song. She reports significantly less skin dryness, and she says that she wakes up with radiant skin every morning. Two of Imma’s friends have started using the products in the meantime as well, and both their skins look and feel good too – glad that we’re spreading the love!

Karen’s skin (43) is not doing too great – she still has bumps and breakouts on her forehead, and she’s not sure if it’s being caused by the Kiehl’s products or her new SPF. As some people do react on sun protection ingredients, I recommended an SPF from Vichy at Karen’s request, as their products are formulated for reactive and sensitive skins. I also suggested that Karen reduces the application of both products by half for a week (PSLRC once a day, and MRC every second night) – to give her skin a chance to adjust. I’m hoping it will be better by this time next week, Karen!

Nasheta, 38, received her products a week after everyone else, but she’s very much thrilled with her skin since she started using them. She’s happy that she already feels no tightness, and applying moisturiser after Midnight Recovery Concentrate sometimes even slips her mind because her skin feels so hydrated.

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