Introducing the Kiehl’s #changeyourskin 28 day challenge team.

The time has come to start trialling the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery and Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate duo, and I have five readers that are joining me for the #changeyourskin challenge. Starting on Monday, July 28th we’ll keep at it  for 28 days, and we’ll document our progress weekly. It’s not so much about glaring closeups and statistics, but more about how each of us experiences the products (good and bad) and how our skins react, feel and look. For a little background info on Kiehl’s as well as the two products we’ll be using, click here.

To make everyone’s progress interesting to everyone else, I decided to introduce all of us to all of you. Let’s get cracking.


In case you’re new around these parts, my name is Chantelle and I’m two months shy of turning 31. I work as the brand manager for an aromatherapy company, I do some freelance writing on the side, and I’ve had this blog for just over three years. In my spare time I read a lot (everything from the news to novels), am glued to my ipad, and when the mood strikes I party it up with friends over weekends (If I had to give you the dirty details of last weekend I’d have to change my identity).

Good skincare habits: The best one is undoubtedly wearing sunscreen every single day. I also get to use good quality skin products most of the time.

Bad skincare habits: Every now and then I flop into bed without doing any evening ritual.

Skin concerns: Pigmentation, congestion and redness.

If you want to follow my progress on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, aim for the round green buttons on the top right of this page.



This is Karen. She’s 43 and hails from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, but now lives in the bush in Limpopo province. I’m assuming Karen likes living in the sticks, as she gets to be the food & beverage manager at a fancy-looking safari place.

Good skincare habits: Sticking to a basic routine of cleansing, moisturising and weekly exfoliating.

Bad skincare habits: Too much sugary foods and caffeine, too little water.

Skin concerns: Dryness around the eyes, oilier t-zone, and the beginning of crow’s feet and hyperpigmentation.

If you want to follow Karen, find her on twitter as @afrikaren.



Meet Nina. She’s a 34-year old new mom, and left the corporate world to run her own online beauty business Turquoise Studio (they stock dreamy Sigma brushes and makeup and Z-palettes, among other things). Nina has lived in Johannesburg and Germany, but settled in Centurion, Gauteng.

Good skincare habits: Always wears sunscreen, healthy diet, never goes to bed with makeup.

Bad skincare habits: Sugary treats, doesn’t drink enough water

Skin Concerns: Dull skin, fine lines, pigmentation, dehydration.

You can find her on twitter as @ninadewinter and on instagram as ninadwp.



Next, meet Sam, 27. I know Sam personally and I really hoped she would enter – I saw her as an ideal candidate. Sam is a born-and-bred Jozi girl, and she’s really, really busy. I know that she rides horses at 5am every morning, she has a serious corporate job, runs a couple of social media campaigns and writes for her tech blog and website.

Bad skincare habits: Sam used to wash her face with Dettol- or Dove soap, and follow with aqueous cream. She’s since switched to a face wash (I had to take a sedative and lie down after I typed this). She doesn’t wash her face after a night out.

Good skincare habits: None that either of us are aware of.

Skin concerns: Sun damage, pigmentation, wrinkles, sagging.

Find Sam on twitter @iamsamw and on instagram as thatplaceinmyhead.


photo (2)

We also have Imma (which is short for Immacolata). Imma is 56 and was born in Italy, but has been living in Paarl, Western Cape, since she was 12. Imma is a jeweller that’s also involved in the clothing industry, and she’s besotted with Latin solo dancing (her hubby doesn’t enjoy dancing, hence the solo). She has three grown daughters and she taught them all to look after their skins.

Good skincare habits: Looking after her skin from a young age.

Bad skincare habits: The occasional night without cleansing and moisturising, and not getting enough rest.

Skin concerns: Dehydration, dullness and some enlarged pores.

Find Imma on twitter as @romanis_imma.



And then there was Nasheta, 38. She’s adamant that Cape Town is the most beautiful city in the world (hey, we’re not arguing) and she works as a PA at a travel company. Nasheta sounds like a domestic goddess – she enjoys baking and doing crafty things like making cards. She also has a recreational shopping habit.

Good skincare habits: Starting to take care of her skin three years ago

Bad skincare habits: Only starting to take care of her skin three years ago, and picking.

Skin concerns: Dry patches, uneven skin tone and dark circles.

Find Nasheta on twitter as @nasheta and on instagram as nashetav

I’ll update you soon on our first impressions as well as some more info on the products.

C xx

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