July Beauty Favourites

Dun dun duuuuunnnn… It’s August, so right about now everyone and their cousin is going to start wondering out loud where the year has gone (Every.Single.Year.) and before you know it it really will be Christmas.

My July Beauty Favourites have nothing to do with Christmas though – it’s all about the products that have stood out to me in the last month, and sometimes they’ve stood out for much, much longer.

Below you’ll find my July Beauty Favourites video. It’s about 10 minutes long and I take you through those products that have managed to impress me. If you click on the little Youtube icon in the bottom right corner of the video, it will redirect you to my Youtube channel and you’ll be able to see all the products listed too. If you’re not phased with that, just click play.



Thoughts on the video, suggestions and requests are most welcome. If you’d like to stay updated with my videos, please go subscribe over on Youtube.

C xx


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