Jenna Clifford & YSL – Two Icons, Two Decades

On September 19th I got to celebrate the 20th birthday of the Jenna Clifford brand at a little mansion in Sandton that serves as the JC office and showroom. The evening was hosted in conjunction with YSL, and also commemorated the 20th birthday of YSL Touche Eclat. Not only that, but Jenna herself celebrated her eh-ehm 40th birthday on September 11th, which is also MY birthday! So of course we clicked because we’re clearly both special and brilliant and genius…

The lovely Nicola Popplewell (The Beauty Bloggess), Jenna and yours truly. Now this pic is not my finest moment, but I’ll let it slide, Mr photographer…

Turns out Jenna designs all the pieces herself, and then they’re manufactured locally, by hand. I can continue to tell you a whole lot of other things about her jewellery, her partners, the social responsibility behind her jewellery and her various philanthropic initiatives. But you can read about all of that on her website and various society pages. What grabbed me most about her is how charming and bloody normal (and loud) she is. You can hear her cackling a mile away (Really – when I arrived and parked my car way behind the building I heard this one voice, who I assumed was a rowdy guest. My bad) and I saw her chatting to anyone and everyone, without first asking their credentials. And there were five dogs sauntering about, just chilling and going about their business, with the absolute largest Alsation licking platters at nose-level when nobody was watching – how NORMAL is that? My cat drinks from people’s glasses if you don’t stop her (fair warning – watch your glass at my place. Captain Courage’s favourite drinks includes strawberry juice, pineapple juice and water).

Leigh-Ann Mol (who is funnier IRL than on 5fm because she has no filters), David John (YSL Makup Guru – Jenna called him out on his ‘funny hairstyle’) and Jen Su, who was game enough to inhale the content of a helium balloon and then sing an opera version of happy birthday to Jenna. I would like to categorically state that I had no involvement in getting that ball rolling AT ALL.
This is a dreadful picture, but I had to show you a glimpse of the 500 black & gold helium balloons
I’m nothing if not a sucker for a theme, which was black and gold. I discovered these things in my office (thanks sis!) much to my relief, since gold doesn’t exactly feature in my wardrobe. They’re Kiss Nail Wraps, and although these are all the way from Australia, they’re now available at Clicks, DisChem and Foschini at R90.

Various YSL representatives were also about, since 20 years of Touche Eclat most certainly needs celebrating. YSL and JC have collaborated on various previous occasions, and I hope they don’t stop any time soon.¬†And I’m over the moon with joy, because for all the gorgeous YSL goods that have landed in my lap, I’ve NEVER used Touche Eclat. Not for lack of trying, but the ones I’ve gotten have never been in the right shade, so I’ve had to give them away and hear from other people how brilliant it is. And what’s at the bottom of my goodie bag? A YSL Touche Eclat in Luminous Ivory…

C xx


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