It’s Happening: Dermaquest 2% Retinol Youth Brightening Serum

Before I go any further – you should know that it’s extremely rare for a product house to disclose the percentage of Retinol used (and it’s hard core Retinol, not a derivative). This is mostly because they use minute amounts to minimise the side effects that occur during the adjustment period when a reasonable percentage is used. They’ll get customer complaints, returns, and that’s messy when it’s an off-the-counter product with no full time trained consultants in-store to explain these things to clients. See how this works?

Anyhoo, Dermaquest Retinol Youth Brightening Serum is indicated for anti ageing and pigmentation, and contains 2% actual Retinol. It also has Kojic Acid, Alpha Arbutin, Liquorice Root and Vit C. To minimise reaction and help the skin adjust to these active ingredients, they’ve also added Allantion, Aloe and Chamomile to soothe. Still, it’s potent so you’ll start by using one pump once a week (ONLY EVER at night – and have I mentioned the airless pump?) and work your way up.

Dermaquest REtinol Youth Serum
Dermaquest Retinol Youth Serum

While I’m very keen to try this, I’m cautious too. I’ve committed to testing a full (different) skincare line so I’m not going to interfere with that, but I think I should take the plunge (ha) and use this on my decollete in the meanwhile. They have a small collection of amazing-looking products, but if I go into detail now I’ll write a small manual.

Excitement levels: Through.The.Roof.

Dermaquest is exclusive to aesthetic clinics, derms and salons. Youth Retinol Serum is R865 for 29.6ml (yup, 29.6). Visit the website for more details. I’ve also had one of their peels, you can read about it here.

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  1. May 2, 2013 / 12:15 AM

    OMG. I’m hyperventilating. I want this on my face like NOW. Off to see if I can find it online (overseas) at a better price. Hold thumbs!

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