Hair, skin, body & makeup empties – January 2015

Sjoe. So many products, so little time. I love the satisfaction of squeezing the last bit of product out of a tube, and having it land in my palm with an inelegant puff. It means that I’ve gotten good use of the product, I’ve gotten my money’s worth, and it was an altogether decent product.

january empties

Because of this blog I get the opportunity to trial many, many products. Most of them get used for a couple of days/weeks and they then get passed on to a friend or donated when I move on to testing the next batch of products. Every now and then something stands out and I decide to continue using it – and those are the products you’ll find in this video.

Empties videos, if you’re not familiar, are jam-packed with products that I’ve finished in the last few months, along with mini reviews and my final thoughts on them. If you’d like to see the product details and links to review blog posts on the individual products, click here to watch the video on my Youtube channel instead.

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