Get Cracking

Crackle nail varnish is this season’s hottest nail trend, so of course I couldn’t be left behind. It looks really funky, and you can use it with any of your nail polishes.

Pictured above is what it looks like over a nude nail polish, but you can also be more adventurous.

It’s a little trickier than I thought, so here are a few guidelines:

1. On clean nails, apply base coat and a colour of your choice
2. Allow several minutes for the colour to dry completely
3. With two quick strokes, coat the entire nail area with crackle polish. I do mean quick strokes, and no faffing whatsoever should be attempted – the crackle acts very quickly, and it goes lumpy if you overlap. Don’t worry if it seems uneven when you apply, the crackling makes most flaws invisible.

Within a few minutes you will have trendy crackle-polished nails. I do not like the look of a shiny top coat over this polish, so I prefer to go without.

And while we’re on the subject: I’ve found my favourite nail colour for winter

This midnight blue polish is as stylish as the charcoals and blacks, but adds some brightness too.
Midnight sky (pictured above) and Special Effects polish in Graffiti Black are both available from Woolworths, and retails for R89.95 each. Loving the flat, almost square brushes – they make application a breeze even for someone who failed nail painting up until the end of their first year of beauty college. Cough cough.


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