Friday Fragrance Fix: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

A couple of weeks ago I was introduced to Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb EDP and it immediately made me happy – I found the scent uplifting as I spilled perfume all over my hand (long story), and I liked the firecracker packaging – soft pink and black box, but BAM! the bottle is shaped like a grenade. I was, however, in two minds regarding whether or not I found it too sweet, so I decided to rope in some friends and ask their opinions.

Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb 7ml mini with box
Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb 7ml mini with box
Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb and Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb
Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb and Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb

I stuck my wrist under a total of 9 friends’ noses and asked them what they thought of the scent without telling them anything else. I may or may not have done this as we arrived at the pub on Friday night. 6 of them (4 women, 2 men) had immediate (as in split-second) positive responses, and 4 of those wanted to know what it was straight away. The men and women who liked it all got these dreamy facial expressions, and one guy even asked me to rub my wrist on his collar so he can sniff it some more. Their responses were immediate, definite and overwhelmingly positive – they didn’t hesitate or think about it for a second.

There was one indifferent response from The Man; he reported that it’s not great and not bad either. Then there were two negatives (both from men too): one said it smelt too sweet, and another said, well, that it smells like his gran and not in the good way. I think what he meant to say was that it’s a little sweet for his taste too.

Officially, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb has top notes of Bergamot and Green Tea, and then there’s Sambac jasmine, Centifolia rose, Freesia and Cattleya orchid on a base of Musk and Patchouli. And officially I have made up my mind after another couple of days’ wear and I do enjoy this fragrance, although the sweet gourmand notes caught me off guard (gourmand refers to ‘edible’ notes). Feint hints of something very sweet like spun sugar, caramel or even cotton candy comes through subtly; I was expecting more floral and less sweet. It won’t become my everyday fragrance, but it’s a gentle, whimsical and feminine scent for when I feel so inclined.

Get it from Edgars, Red Square and Stuttafords at R1089 for 50ml and R1389 for 100ml EDP.

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