Friday Fragrance Fix: pure DKNY a drop of rose review

It’s been a while since I’ve really been in love with a new fragrance. Of course feeling actual love for a fragrance is absurd, but I enjoy pureDKNY a drop of rose so much that I feel genuine affection for it. And for myself, when I wear it, come to think of it…

It’s a rose-dominated (duh) floral fragrance, but I want to linger here for a moment. Too many fragrances are called florals, but are actually gourmands/something else in my opinion. ┬áIf what you smell is overwhelmingly sweet or powdery, I don’t believe it should be called a floral. I think that puts many people off florals. I, too, used to crinkle my nose as soon as someone just said floral, before I learnt the difference.

To me, a floral should have a ‘green’ scent, a definite distinguishable floral note (as in, if you close your eyes, does it even vaguely smell like flowers), and the true florals always smell ever so slightly soapy to me. Thus florals are clean scents, not overwhelmingly sweet scents. If it smells more like dessert than garden mixed with soap-on-a-rope, it’s not a true floral. I always use Estee Lauder Pleasures as an example of a true floral.

pure DKNY a drop of rose
pure DKNY a drop of rose

Which brings me back to pureDKNY a drop of rose. It ticks all the boxes. It’s classic, elegant, gorgeous and incredibly feminine. It’s layered, yet minimalistic. It has the soapy element that I so love in a floral, and it’s definitely not your gran’s rose scent. I’ve thought about it, and I think it’s incredibly versatile. It can be an everyday work fragrance, an evening fragrance, a wedding day fragrance – it’s even the type of scent you can spritz on before bed.

As with all the pureDKNY fragrances, there’s a story behind the fragrance. Roses are harvested by hand and distilled in Isparta, Turkey during May/June. This is done in partnership with CARE – read more about the Uganda Vanilla project here. The fragrance bottle is also made of 100% recyclable glass and aliminium, and the box is biodegradable, making it a feel-good fragrance on more than one level.

More good news? pureDKNY rose will be available from 4 Feb, with prices ranging from R540 (3oml) to R955 for 100ml EDP.

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