Friday Fragrance Fix: Fan di Fendi EDP and Fan di Fendi Extreme

Many moons (as in two months) ago I was invited to attend the launch of Fendi fragrances in SA. Known for their gorgeous (but heartbreakingly expensive) bags and shoes, I was quite curious to see where it would go.

While I was sitting in the Sandton City Fendi store with a small group of the who’s who in the fashion and beauty biz, watching presentations and listening to speakers, I had a massive internal struggle with my eyeball muscles. Because they kept wanting to roll, and I kept trying to keep them focused on the Fendi brand manger’s eyelash extensions and perfectly trimmed fringe.

You see I may be opinionated, but I’m not rude. But my manners can also only last through being told a certain number of times how these fragrances are for it-girls; for women who look a certain way, do certain things, act in a certain manner and so on. And while I know very well how important marketing campaigns are, and how many crates of perfume the imagery and suggestions alone will sell, it’s the kind of thing I snort at – especially when it’s being force fed to me.

Anyhoo, with an attitude this shitty you can just think how enthusiastic I was about smelling the actual fragrances. Turns out I can still be objective.

First up was Fan di Fendi EDP. To me it didn’t remotely smell like it-girl (aka desperation, below average IQ and emergency contraceptives), but rather like sophistication and opulence. It’s a versatile scent (as in I can’t/don’t want to pin it to a certain age group), and I’ve been using it quite often lately. Officially it has top notes of pear, blackcurrant, tangerine and pink pepper; heart notes of damask rose and yellow jasmine; and base notes of patchouli and soft leather. Turns out I really like Fan di Fendi EDP – how awkward is that.

Fan di Fendi EDP is R650 for 30ml, R930 for 50ml, R1130 for 75ml

Fan di Fendi top notes: Pear, Tangerine, Pink Pepper. Clever ne?
Fan di Fendi top notes: Pear, Tangerine, Pink Pepper. Clever ne?
Fan di Fendi EDP
Fan di Fendi EDP. Those more fashion forward than myself might recognise some clasps and shapes on the bottles from classic Fendi handbags.

Next up was Fan di Fendi Extreme. Here I was expecting an overly sweet, heady fragrance (luckily I’m not prejudiced at all) to go with the party girl vibe that was being portrayed – I was also worried about a choking scent when I heard one of the notes were incense. Instead I got the most gorgeous sensual, citrusy, spicy scent. I don’t make a habit of comparing products from different houses, but this is a dead ringer for a toned down, more wearable version on Aramis Calligraphy (which I ended up loving from a distance, but couldn’t wear myself. I gave it to my mom, and it’s absolutely amazing on her. Read about it here). Officially Fan di Fendi Extreme has top notes of tangerine, bergamot and incense; mid notes of tuberose absolute and sambac jasmine; and base notes of patchouli, leather and vanilla absolute. Should this have been in my press pack, I would have been happy to give it a permaspot in my collection.

Fan di Fendi EDP Extreme is R705 for 30ml, R1000 for 50ml, R1210 for 75ml

Fan di Fendi Extreme (in a vase on display in the Fendi store)
Fan di Fendi Extreme (in a vase on display in the Fendi store)

For the life of me, I don’t recall what the men’s fragrance smelt like. Better go sniff that one yourselves! Anti-it-girl-isms aside, these are two phenomenal fragrances that’s well worth a sniff. They’re on shelves already, and you can get them from Fendi as well as selected Edgars, Red Square, Stuttafords, Foschini, Woolworths and Truworths stores.

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