It makes me very happy that Dermalogica (and the often shallow beauty industry I find myself in) is taking a huge step in empowering the ones who so desperately need it most. 
Dermalogica recently launched the FITE campaign. In short, they are partnering with, a non-profit organisation, to help fund microloans for female entrepeneurs. This enables women around the world to start or grow their businesses. For more details, click HERE to read a feature I wrote for Beautybulletin.
Remember that you have to go online to activate the code on the product you purchase. For now, participating products are the Top 5 best sellers globally:
Daily Microfoliant
Skin Hydrating Booster
Total Eye Care
Intensive Eye Repair
Luckily, as the pictures below indicate, it’s a very simple process – took me all of one minute.  Love that you can choose towards which industry in which part of the world your $1 contribution goes to. I stayed proudly South African for this one!

1. Look for this logo on selected Dermalogica products
2. Pull the tab
3. Follow steps 1-3. Easy Peasy.
If you are aware of or involved with similar do-good projects in the beauty industry, send me an email

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