5 Ways to fight the Sunday Slump

I was one of those quiet, shy, borderline-anxious kids. Forever ‘not feeling well’ or throwing up somewhere (It was due to undiagnosed migraines for the most part). I was quickly labelled as ‘sensitive’, and while I’ve outgrown the shy kid, I’m still sensitive to some things.

I can’t always pinpoint this ‘sensitivity’, but one of the areas where I have taken control of it is with preparation. While I have my impulsive, spur-of-the-moment adventures, for the most part I really, really like to be prepared. The dilemma? I’m not a naturally organised person, so it takes a conscious effort.

So now that I’ve forced you to read that very clumsy prologue I’ll get to my actual point – I like to do some serious prep on Sundays. I’m perfectly ok with just falling in on a Monday morning if I was busy elsewhere on a Sunday, but if I’m chilling at home and I don’t do some Monday prep I often feel antsy and sometime I’ll even have trouble sleeping – the classic ‘homework’ feeling.

Here are a couple of things I like to do on Sundays (or on any other days when I feel the need).

1. I love a list

List-making is probably not the most productive thing to do if you’re short on time, but I find it a really therapeutic exercise. Plus I’m really forgetful so I’m pretty dependant on lists.

I make three basic lists on a note in my phone: a work list, a blog-related list and a home/personal list. I don’t even always end up doing everything on the list, but I feel calmer when I know how much I have that needs to be dealt with in coming days.

How not to make a list
How not to make a list

2. Get a head start on something

Pick three tasks and finish them – When I do that I feel that I’ll be ‘ahead’ when I wake up on Monday morning (and I really like ticking things off my lists).

It may be answering some arbitrary emails, writing up a blog post for the week ahead, loading the washing machine or tidying my office – do what you can to lessen the mountain that always seems to loom on a Monday morning.

3. Prepare for Monday morning

I’m mostly office-bound on Mondays (which means home-bound) so I like plugging in my Macbook to charge and making sure my desk is neat and tidy.

This helps me get up and go at it instead of dragging my Macbook back into bed with me and spending the morning working from under my duvet. Everyone works differently, but I find I’m most productive when I shower, get dressed and sit down to work as if it were a (very casual) office. Some people get just as much done in their pj’s, but I find that a dedicated workspace works best for me. Related: you can read this on how I stay sane while working from home.

Your day may look very different, so try simple things like making sure you’ve got a work outfit ready, checking the kids’ homework while there’s still time to fix it, packing lunch and painting your nails if you’re so inclined.

4. Behind closed doors

I’ve always associated Sunday nights with a little bit of a time-out session. In my case it’s usually a large-scale maintenance session in the bath – we’re talking masks, scrubs, shaving – the lot.

I make a point of turning this into a relaxing experience – there’s foam, there’s candles, and there’s probably something I’m watching on the ipad (which is definitely not propped up on the toilet). I’m not too attached to routine, but this is one ritual I always try to make time for.

Whether your idea of time-out is ordering takeaways for the family, colouring your hair, watching a movie or getting to bed early to read a book – do a little something that becomes your calming Sunday night ritual.

5. Get to bed early enough

This is the most difficult part for me – much like a five-year old I never want to go to bed, and much like a five-year old I’m not an easy riser. While I’ve learnt that bedtime doesn’t have that much of an effect on my refusal to be an early bird, I do try to at least get it right on Sundays in an effort to start the week with a fully charged battery.

If you have any wisdom to add to successfully preparing for the week, I beg you to share them with us 🙂

C x



  1. Michell
    Mar 8, 2015 / 7:31 PM

    What a great post I can really relate to this!

  2. Celeste Booysen
    Mar 9, 2015 / 10:22 AM

    Yes, lists and prep is the way to go. I have 3 young kids and work full time out of the house and if I don’t lay out some well devised plan for myself for the coming week then there would be total apocalypse. What I found works for me is a vague personal dressing/hairstyle plan. I do this on a Sunday once all my laundry is up to date. I recently purged a massive amount of clothes and shoes and am only left with a 45 piece wardrobe plus accessories so it does make things easier. I plan (not necessarily on paper) what outfit combinations I will wear during the week and usually I do layered so if it’s hotter I shed and if it’s cooler I can add on. Same with hair, I only really have 4 hairstyles i.e (Monday sleek Ponytail, Tues: loose half head, Wed: loose and soft wave, Thursday: Pony with fringe pulled back in a comb, Friday sock bun. I do this so that I know what direction to go when I dry my hair so I don’t waste time. It doesn’t always work out but atleast I have a vague idea of what I am doing when I roll out of my bed with swollen sleep deprived eyes at 6am to shower.

  3. Mar 12, 2015 / 2:51 PM

    I love this post! I also enjoy a chilled out Sunday, I usually cook a ‘fancy meal’ or bake in the afternoon.
    And Sunday evenings are reserved for doing my nails, writing in my journal and prepping for the week ahead.

  4. Marné
    Jul 22, 2015 / 1:46 PM

    I learned a lot from you here. I’m terrible at planning, and when I do, I’m terrible at keeping to the plan. But I’ve tasted the satisfaction of ticking things off of a list, if only that feeling can be carried over to the next list!
    This inspired me to start organising again for the umpteenth time, maybe it will even prevent me to hit that snooze button a hundred times xx

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