feet fairies

I recently stumbled upon this great invention while doing some online research. Can’t remember what I was originally searching for, but this is what I found:
the fairies are niftily packaged in a pouch…

…which unfolds to become a bigger pouch in which you can let your stiletto’s rest when your feet doth protest too much.

They take up very little space when folded, mine might just receive a permanent honorary spot in my handbag
Since receiving them, I’ve been prancing around the house, channeling my inner ballerina. And being grateful that my income does not depend on me being a foot model.

I’m sure you have figured out by now that Feet Fairies is the ideal Plan B for long days and nights spent in unforgiving footgear. I’m sure I’ve mentioned somewhere that I don’t wear stiletto’s due to lack of co-ordination, but these would have come in very handy at a recent birthday party I attended at a Greek restaurant. I couldn’t do the dance the pretty lady was teaching us in my wedges (I’m blaming fear of heights), so I ended up plonking around barefoot. 
Btw – they are very soft and comfy, think slippers… They come in a few colours, and in two sizes – 4-6 (a perfect, comfortable fit for my size 5’s) and 7-9.
Unfortunately Feet Fairies are not sold in South Africa (yet… I’m holding thumbs), but you can order them from their website from about R150 – they ship world wide.


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