Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign joins Pink Trees for Pauline

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, this year I made a point of looking carefully at the various drives, campaigns and efforts being promoted by various brands. As I did last year I decided I’ll choose one initiative to promote – I have two inboxes that are basically just receptacles for press releases these days, so there were many options to choose from – some more noble than others.

Sadly, most of the ‘initiaves’ were just lining the pockets of the cosmetic brands, and zero benefits were to be had for cancer patients. The majority of what I received were images of pink makeup items, nail polishes and perfume bottles, which in no way does anything at all for cancer awareness, treatment or research. While a pink product might momentarily make you think of breast cancer by association, it does absolutely nothing else and I’d much rather give my time to an initiave that does something.

Which, finally, brings us to Pink Trees for Pauline and Estee Lauder. Pink Trees for Pauline is going around cities and towns and wrapping trees in pink fabric. They’re doing so because they have great sponsors, of which Estee Lauder is a very generous one. You can get involved by purchasing fabric from them at a  R20/m donation and wrapping trees at your home, in your street or at your workplace.

Kelly from Imageology gave herself a Breast Cancer Mani. Love the rings Kel!
Kelly from Imageology gave herself a Breast Cancer Mani. Love the rings Kel!
Here's the first tree I wrapped with a friend for Pink Trees for Pauline
Here’s the first tree I wrapped with a friend for Pink Trees for Pauline

Of the money made from donations, 60-80% goes to cancer patients. It’s not just about being aware that the disease exists, it’s about aiding patients too – the money raised goes toward paying for accommodation during treatment, home nursing, feeding schemes, training cancer buddies, training social workers, supplying prosthetics, wheelchairs and wigs, playpens and toys for kids in hospitals and transport amongst other things.

Girls, I’ve seen the nasty side of cancer way too close for comfort. Having to watch helplessly while someone you love suffers is an ugly, ugly thing. I saw that in a private facility with doctors, nurses and family members available to provide all the necessary care, support and company – I can’t even begin to imagine the alternative.

If you’d like to learn more about how to get involved, see which towns and cities take part (there’s a long list), or get in touch; you can visit the website. Estee Lauder Companies will also be offering Pink Ribbon versions of two of their cult classics: donating R10 from every Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion and R40 from every Advanced Night Repair serum will go towards the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign – they were on sale for the month of October, so tomorrow is the last day to get them.

C xx

PS – Did you know Evelyn Lauder co-created the Pink Ribbon, which has since been replicated in many other colours to create awareness for other causes too?

PPS – Why Pauline? One of the co-founders of the initiative lost both her mother and grandmother to cancer, they were both called Pauline. The reasoning is that cancer has affected so many people, all of us have our own ‘Pauline’. My Pauline’s name was Judy ♥


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