Essence: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Makeup Collection Review with Swatches

To my friend Charlene (and a couple of others), please breathe in a brown paper bag round about now. Also, I’d love to know how many times you’ve seen Breaking Dawn Part 2 by now? Actually, I’d rather not know… ;P

I’m not the biggest fan of the Twilight movies, but I’ll admit to reading all the books. You can skip the lame parts and I much prefer imagining the characters to look the way I want them to. But hey, this isn’t about me. It’s mainly about sparkly makeup.

Essence Breaking Dawn Part 2 Makeup Collection
The full Essence Breaking Dawn Part 2 makeup collection, available from Clicks and DisChem stores

The collection consist of:

  • 4 loose pigment eye shadows, R30 each
  • 2 liquid glitter liners, R30 each
  • 1 lipstick, R35
  • 2 lipglosses, R30 each
  • 1 shimmer powder, R40
  • 1 blush, R40

I received two pigments, one liner, as well as the lip gloss, shimmer powder and blusher to swatch. Here’s what I thought:

Essence Breaking Dawn Part 2 Pigments
Essence Breaking Dawn Part 2 Pigments swatched – the gold is 03 A Piece of Forever and the charcoal shimmer is 01 Jacob’s Protection.

The 03 gold shade is very soft, with more than enough glitter. Due to the coarser glitter particles there’s quite a bit of product fall, but once that’s taken it’s course the shimmer shadow that remains is gorgeous. The charcoal shade has much finer glitter particles and a periwinkle-like shimmer which reflects a predominantly jade colour, but it’s one of those shades that will change according to the light you’re in.

The Breaking Dawn Part 2 lip gloss and liner swatches
The Breaking Dawn Part 2 Lip Gloss and Liner in 02 Jacob’s Protection, swatched.

The gloss is a pretty semi-sheer red with red and gold glitter flecks. Because of the glitter it’s definitely an evening-out kinda gloss if you’re over 14. It’s a small thing, but I like the shape of the applicator. If curves with the shape of your lip, and for no logical reason I enjoy applying it that way. The eyeliner is clear with navy blue glitter, so don’t expect to create a solid line with it – that’s a good couple of layers for the sake of the swatch. It might be a good move to use it over your regular liner.

Essence Breaking Dawn Part 2 Shimmer Powder and Blusher swatches
Lastly, the Essence Breaking Dawn Part 2 swatches of Shimmer Powder in 01 Bella’s Secret and Blusher in 01 Renesmee Red

The powder is shimmery without being sparkly (I was fearing all-out-vamplire-glitter), and has a warm golden hue. I reckon if you’re pale, you can use it to bronze slightly; and if you’re darker it will be a subtle highlighter. The blush looks really scary red, but as you can see from the swatch in the middle, it’s easy to control the intensity. It is also possible to go all out Heidi-from-the-mountains, so start with a light hand and build until you have the desired intensity.

All in all, Essence is on trend yet again, and the prices are crazy good. I enjoyed everything except the liner – the formula doesn’t work for me.

Although everything is Twilight-inspired, I find it’s also very Christmassy. The golds and reds seem distinctively festive to me, and I can see myself working this at Christmas dinner.

Available from Clicks and DisChem stores, and if you’re serious about getting any of these I’d be fast if I were you – they’re sure to fly.

C xx



  1. Nov 23, 2012 / 7:26 AM

    After that shimmer powder after Leigh also gave it a thumbs up. I think it will be a nice highlighter for me. So hard to find stock though!

    • Nov 23, 2012 / 9:15 PM

      Had a good idea the whole collection would pretty much be a rarity as soon as it hit the shelves!

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