Dr Gobac Skincare Review: Phase 1

For the first time in about three years, I’ve committed myself to use one skincare brand – for a trial period at the very least. I tend to want to test every serum and cleanser and night cream that I receive for the blog, so my ‘routine’ often ends up being products from three or four different brands thrown together. Until a couple of weeks later, when I switch them for a handful of new ones.

I developed some skin issues about 6 months ago, which hinted to the fact that my skin wasn’t in prime condition – I had a rash and redness over most of the lower half of my face, and then, weirdly, the ‘rash’ on my jawline morphed into congested bumps and spots – or so it seemed, it was more likely a coincidence. I stopped using everything then, and just used a cleansing water and hypoallergenic moisturiser. Which was exceptionally boring, and it only reduced the itchy rash part – the congestion and breakouts stayed.

So when the folks from Dr Gobac offered, I accepted. When you start on Dr Gobac cosmeceuticals, things happen a little differently. You only use a cleanser (there’s a choice of 2) and their Starter Cream – which is what I’ve been doing.

Dr Gobac Wash and Starter Cream
Dr Gobac Wash and Starter Cream

After I’d vowed that I’m done washing my face (as in using a cleansing method that requires rinsing with water) because of recent skin unhappiness, I reluctantly gave the Dr Gobac wash a try. It’s a mild, foamy cleanser that doesn’t smell of much, and to my relief I can wash my eye makeup off with it as well. The foaming agent is derived from coconut oil so there’s no stripped feeling, and it’s enriched with Oat Amino Acids (soothing, conditioning), Hydrolised Elastin (hello there), Pro Vit B5 (rejuvenates, balances), Algae extract (increases hydration) and Witch Hazel (vaso-constricting, which means it will have a calming, soothing and toning effect).

The Starter Cream is specifically formulated to introduce active ingredients to the skin slowly; to basically prepare it for what’s in store. Everyone won’t have to use it, but it’s recommended for more sensitive skins, and skins that aren’t accustomed to the higher active ingredients present in cosmeceutical products. It can be used as a long-term product too if you have young, problem free skin that’s ok with a lightweight formulation (it’s a little light for me, I started cheating and applied the phase 2 day cream over it every now and then). I was a little surprised to be able to identify the majority of the ingredients – the very first ingredient is a bark extract (the common name for the fancy plant listed seems to be wild cinnamon), as well as a good dose on Arnica. Along with a bunch of plant extracts and oils, there’s also Peptides,Vit E, Retinyl Palimtate, Soy Bean extract, Hydrolised Elastin… This can go on for a while.

Two weeks in, I realised that I no longer have so much congestion and unsightly underlying pimple things. And then, three weeks in, we’re out for dinner and The Man casually says something along the lines of ‘Hey, the monsterous things on your face are gone’ and I realise he’s right, they’re gone. After 6 months of caking on makeup and hating all mirrors, my skin is back to being relatively normal. If I get a spot now, it surfaces and goes away after a couple of days, like spots should. I’m almost 30, FFS, now would not have been the time to develop adult acne.

Round about here I actually need to stop myself from gushing – I can’t remember the last time I felt actual gratitude towards a cosmetic. I was on my way to see a derm to sort out my uncharacteristic skin issues, and I was extremely annoyed and frustrated at not being able to get it sorted out with peels, masks and products – I am a skin therapist AND a beauty writer, after all. How much more of a slap in the face could this be?

The next step (which I started last week) is to drop the starter cream, and replace it with a serum, day- and night cream. I’m not chucking out Starter Cream though, I had a lightbulb moment that I should be using it on my chest with my very potent Retinol Serum. I’ll let you know how phase 2 goes in a couple of weeks.

Dr Gobac Wash is R219 for 100ml, and Starter Cream is R419 for 50ml. Dr Gobac products are available from selected spas and salons, Placecol salons, and Edgars stores.

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  1. May 17, 2013 / 1:54 PM

    You already know my opinion on this range 🙂 But if you are still having the odd spot here and there, they also have the Spot TX treatment that I use when I really need to. Also works like a charm 😉


    • May 17, 2013 / 2:03 PM

      Ah, thanks! I’ll see how the second phase goes, and then add the spot treatment if necessary. I actually remember you being really excited about the brand and me being all ‘ja, whatever’. We live, we learn 🙂

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