Dermaquest 2% Retinol Serum Update

Since I’m trialling a full skincare line from antoher brand, it will be another couple of weeks before I can use this serum on my face. I decided to start using Dermaquest Youth Brightening Serum on my chest area, as I’m paranoid about having good skin on my face and an old, sun damaged, wrinkly neck & chest by the time I’m 35.

Prescribed use is as follows: Week 1: 1 x p week, Week 2, 2 x p week, Week 3, 3 x p week, Week 4, 4 x p week and from there on you should be able to use it daily. It is to be used at night only, and you should wear a high SPF daily during treatment, and for at least two weeks afterwards.I used it once the first week, and a day after my first application in the second week (focus now) I noticed that the area on my breast bone was peeling lightly, and there was some mild redness. This is the most delicate area where skin is thinnest.

The peeling subsided within 2-3 days, and I’m now ready for my second application of the week. If it peels again I’ll go back to using it once a week until my skin adjusts – as discussed in this post, 2% Retinol is pretty potent and my skin is fairly delicate, so I’m ok with taking things slow.

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