Clarisonic Plus Review

The launch day for Clarisonic in SA is creeping closer by the day, and I’m as excited as I would have been if I still had to buy one.

If you haven’t yet seen it, I did a first impressions video over here when I first started using it.

You see, before I started trialling one back in September; I was really iffy about Clarisonic devices in general. That happens with most products that are hyped up to the max – I always wonder how much of is it just good old advertisement, and how much is actually about the product.

I also assumed that the Clarisonic is something that I would have to use sparingly on my sometimes-sensitive skin, and that it would be a long process of breakouts before my skin settles. Below is as detailed a review as I can manage – if you have any questions, please leave a comment and I’ll answer as best I can.

How does the Clarisonic feel on the skin?

The Clarisonic doesn’t have a spinning or vibrating brush, but rather a dull buzzing feeling when you put it against the skin. The ‘sonic’ portion means that there are 300 mini-movements per second, which is responsible for the buzzing you feel on your skin.

How do you use it?

I prefer to first remove my makeup (I would have done a double cleanse anyway), and use the Clarisonic with my second cleanse. You can preset the timer, and your preferred time and intensity would start up every time you switch on the device.

In the 60 second cycle there are three short pulses that tells you when to move on to a different area of your face. I start on my forehead (20 seconds), then move down to my nose and chin (20 seconds) and lastly I spend 10 seconds on each cheek.

As for moving the device over the skin, there’s no need for circular movements of any kind, just move the device around on the area you’re busy with – I prefer to work it around in lines so I don’t miss a spot.

clarisonic plus

With which cleansers does a Clarisonic work best?

You can use a Clarisonic with any type of cleanser – oil, balm, milk, cream, gel – you name it. I wouldn’t recommend using it with a scrub or any cleanser with granules though, as it can damage your skin if you apply too much pressure accidentally.

You can apply cleanser directly to the Clarisonic, but I prefer working it into my skin for a couple of seconds first and then go for it.

Will you get breakouts at first?

It makes sense to me that if you have congestion under your skin, any excess stimulation will cause breakouts. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my congestion just somehow cleared up without a breakout.

This was a huge bonus for me, as my skin is prone to reacting to overstimulation – maybe it’s an indication that I’m giving it the right amount of stimulation, not too much. It is well known as something that can happen thought.

On what intensity and time setting should I use it on, and how often?

Start with the recommended settings, which is 60 seconds on the low setting. I stayed here for a good two months until I was sure that it was not ‘too much’ for my skin in any way. I started using it once a week but quickly upped it to twice a week. I’m now using it every second day.

Clarisonic states that it is safe to use even twice a day, but that seems excessive to me. If you have thicker, oily skin I reckon you can safely use it once a day should you need it, although that’s not something I would do.

I started out on the lowest intensity for 60 seconds, then I did the Normal intensity (the medium one) for 1 minute, and then for 2 minutes. I recently moved down to 1 minute again because two minutes starts feeling tedious after a while – I’ll do the longer cycle every now and then now.

clarisonic south africa

Battery life, charging and replacing the brush

So the Clarisonic is completely waterproof – mine now lives in my shower permanently.

I am so impressed with the battery life – I last charged mine mid October, and I remember this because it was just before we left on holiday. That’s almost 4 months ago.

It’s recommended that you replace the brush every 3 months (R399 per brush head). I’m torn, as it’s been more than 3 months for me and there is no visible wear at all. I reckon if you wash it after every use and let it dry probably, you can probably push that with a couple of months.

Which Clarisonic models will launch in SA and what will they cost?

We’re getting the Mia 2 (R2499), the Aria (R2999) and the Plus (R3499). There are obviously some differences between the models. For me the standout differences are as follows:

  • The Mia 2 has one time setting (1 minute), two speed settings and comes with a case, making it a good travel companion.
  • The Aria has an adjustable timer and three speed settings, as well as some fancy extras like a USB charger and light-up battery indicator.
  • In addition to the facial cleanser, the Plus also fits a body brush head that oscillates (you’ll get a body brush in your kit) and also has adjustable speed and time settings.

If you’d like a detailed overview of the features, head over to Luzanne’s blog – she meticulously listed all the features and options over here.


What does it do for your skin?

My skin has not ever been this clear, bright and vibrant-looking. I get much less breakouts, and at the same time my skin looks less dry. I can quickly tell when I’m in need of a Clarisonic cleansing – my skin looks dull if I skip a couple of days.

There’s a lot of info on how the device increases the absorption of active ingredients of whatever you apply afterwards – vitamin C absorption is increased by more that 60%, for example. I’m pretty sure this is part of the reason why my skin looks brighter and more healthy.

I even use it as a special occasion skin boost – if I’m planning a night out, I’ll use it before I apply makeup. Speaking of makeup, I’m pretty sure my makeup applies better when I regularly use my Clarisonic.

If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them. Clarisonic devices will be available at Stuttafords from mid February.

C x

PS – Do you NEED one? No, you can definitely do without it. But if it’s something that’s within your means, it definitely makes a difference and I would wholeheartedly recommend it (just in case I blabbered on too much and you didn’t get that part from my ramblings above).



  1. Marné
    Jun 24, 2015 / 10:07 PM

    Sold 😀
    I sincerely hope they pay you, you promote it so gracefully 😉

    • Chantelle Bester
      Jun 25, 2015 / 9:41 AM

      They don’t 😛 You’ll clearly see at the bottom if I’ve been paid to write something x But thank you

      • Marné
        Jun 25, 2015 / 10:39 AM

        Sorry, my tongue-in-the-cheek smiley at the end must have disappeared, I was a bit sarcastic there. They should, but anyway. Your review might cause some bank breaking, I’ll innocently refer the financier to your blog, lol xx

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