Cheap & cheerful cleanser

While moseying around Clicks last week, I found this cleanser. For R35. Amazed at the price, my curiosity got the better of me and I bought it. I am very, very impressed.

When it comes to bargain shopping, don’t stare yourself blind against the product’s classification/main description – under normal circumstances I would not pick an anti-ageing cleanser for myself. I would suggest peeking at the texture of the product if possible, and reading the instructions. My first choice was the cleanser for normal skin, until I read that it didn’t foam and I wanted a wash-and-rinse product. 

The product has a cream-gel texture, created a smooth lather, and rinses off without (a) an oil-slick like layer coating your face or (b) leaving the skin tight, red and dry. Perfect balance! I used it to wash off eye make-up as well, and there was no stinging, but I had to cleanse a little longer than usual to get all the mascara off. 

In other news, the tube size is 150ml, shelf life is 12 months once opened, white tea and Q10 are good anti-oxidants (though the amounts of these are sure to be small since you will be rinsing it off anyway), and the packaging is completely recyclable if you pull the labels off.


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