New, Reformulated Chanel Le Vernis Longue Tenue + Le Gel Coat Review

I was very happy to hear that Chanel had reformulated Le Vernis – I have never gotten along with it in the past, and I was curious to see whether the new version (together with the Le Gel Coat) would work any better for me.

chanel le vernis longue tenue 500 rouge essentiel

My previous experience with Chanel Le Vernis has been that the colours are amazing, but it never lasted more than a day on my nails. Sometimes it would peel off or crack within hours РI always got the impression that the polishes were not flexible enough, as if they were simultaneously too watery and too hard.

From the first swipe I could see that the revamped formula of this version is much thicker – so much so that it’s perfectly opaque after one coat. Le Gel top coat is ridiculously glossy, and it gives that thicker, gel-like appearance to the polish.¬†I’ve worn it three times (once with one coat and twice with two coats) and all three times I could wear it for three days. This is above average for me so I’m really happy – I love just about all Chanel cosmetics and I’m happy that I can now add their nail polishes to the list.

If I could raise one criticism it would be the shape of the brush – it’s not curved at all, and I feel that most nail polish brands have by now upped the game with flatter, denser brushes that come closer to resembling the curve of your cuticles. On my nails (which are small and fairly round at the cuticle edge), the straight-edged brush on Le Vernis makes precision painting more difficult and there’s more cleanup to do afterwards.

As for range, there will be a total of 15 colours – 11 new shades and 4 reformulated shades. I think they’ve curated an excellent collection to start with – I’d actually be happy to wear 14 of the 15 shades, and the only ones I might miss are a plain black and a white. I’m assuming there will be a strong focus on limited edition nail polish shades with the next few seasonal collections to broaden the range and test the market for new colours.

new chanel le vernis longue tenue shades
The 11 new Chanel Le Vernis Longue Tenue shades. TOP FLTR: 500 Rouge Essentiel, 504 Organdi, 506 Camelia, 508 Shantung, 510 Gitane. BOTTOM FLTR: 512 Mythique, 514 Roubachka, 516 Mariniere, 518 Chaine Or, 520 Garconne, 522 Monochrome
reformulated chanel le vernis longue tenue shades
The four reformulated Chanel Le Vernis Longue Tenue shades: 08 Pirate, 18 Rouge Noir/Vamp (US), 167 Ballerina, 505 Particuliere

The new Chanel Le Vernis Longue Tenue and Le Gel Coat will be available in stores from April 21st for R365 each. I’m also currently testing the Le Gel Coat with other nail polish brands, I suspect it’s going to be a good all rounder.

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  1. Apr 13, 2016 / 2:18 PM

    Chanel nail polish has always intrigued me, especially the colours, but I just can’t seem to justify purchasing nail polish of that price. This however, might seem like a nice option. I’ll try them out next time I’m at a Chanel counter

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