Bring back the Love Note with Pond’s

My first Love Note was written on a paper doily. I received it when I was 6 years old and while I was not interested in the sender and promptly ran off to go spin in my skirt in front of the mirror/play with my Barbies, it’s not the kind of thing I’ll ever forget. My gran kept that doily for years and years, and I’m now actually kind of miff that I lost it somewhere along the line.

Jy WEET jy's Afrikaans as jou eerste love letter op een van die outjies geskryf was.
Jy WEET jy’s Afrikaans as jou eerste love letter op een van die outjies geskryf was (image source)


I can also remember my first hand-written breakup note – I received it when I was 9, I think (not from doily boy – my ADD response at his token of love kinda killed our chances of a romantic future) and I can still remember that I was standing under our lemon tree when I dramatically tore it up and let the pieces blow away in the wind while my BFF and I called him rude words.

Childhood trauma aside, I’m actually meant to tell you about the Pond’s Facebook app. Since you youngsters can’t be bothered to write a love letter any more (don’t worry, I don’t think I have it in me either), they’ve made it a little easier. Simply head over to the Ponds SA Facebook page, like the Valentine’s app, and follow the 4 instructions – the app is mobile-friendly too. Your love will then receive a special message on V-day. Too sweet. On Twitter, look out for the #LoveNotes and #ILoveYouBecause hashtags.

Pond's #LoveNotes
Pond’s #LoveNotes
I love you because...
I love you because…

C xx

PS – Yes, darling, I know. Valentine’s Day is a big money making scheme, and it’s all so cliche’d, and blah blah blah. It’s really up to you to change that, isn’t it?



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