The Body Shop English Dawn Gardenia, Vineyard Peach, Early Harvest Raspberry

Sjoe, The Body Shop is on fire with their early Autumn/Winter launches (which are all in fact Northern Hemisphere Spring/Summer launches but let’s not split hairs).

The three collections in question here are all on shelves already and are limited editions that will be available until stocks last. Better hurry and stock up if you see anything you like!

English Dawn White Gardenia

If you’re keen on a fresh, floral fragrance that reminds of an English countryside, this is definitely a range you should at least give a sniff. It’s oh-so-British but more in a Duchess Kate way than in an 88 year-old Queen way. Think notes of Bergamot, Tuberose, White Gardenia and Sandalwood. I have the body lotion, and to me it’s one of those typical comforting creamy scents that you slap on after your evening bath – not bad at all for winter.

The Body Shop English Dawn White Gardenia

English Dawn White Gardenia is available in EDT (R220 for 50ml), Fragrance Mist (R120 for 100ml), Body lotion (R125 for 250ml) and Shower Gel (R110 for R250ml). The alcohol in the EDT and Fragrance Mist is organic and fair trade, and provides steady income to 500 people in Ecuador.

Vineyard Peach

Better hurry if you want to smell peachy keen (Sorry. I’ll go sit in my Bad Pun Corner in a minute), because this collection is seriously popular. This one’s pretty straight forward – peach extract and peach kernel oil with the goodness of a moisturising shea butter base. It smells like fresh juice and I love to use the body butter in the mornings. I was on my way to buy the shower gel too when I realised I have 4 ‘backup’ shower gels & creams in a drawer – bit of a weakness there.

The Body Shop Vineyard Peach

The Vineyard Peach range has a Shower Gel (R60* for 250ml), Body Butter (R99* for 200ml) and Body Scrub (R90 for I don’t know how much, probably 200ml too?). The body scrub is a cream with peach kernels which is not the texture I like, but I know there are SO many people who do (I’m a salt/sugar in oil girl myself).

*These are the prices I received in my press info, but when I went onto TBS website to check something the prices were different.

Early Harvest Raspberry

If you’re looking for something SERIOUSLY sweet and fruity, you and Early Harvest Raspberry were probably meant for each other (Early Harvest: The berries are picked before they’re ripe to preserve their antioxidant properties). This is the collection that I didn’t like all that much (it’s too sweet for me) but it sure seems to have its fans – in fact, this is the one that seems most popular. But if I pretend to like everything I’ll just be an advertorial drone, right?

The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry Body Scrub

If you’re into interesting textures, definitely check out the Raspberry scrub – it looks like a tub of raspberry jam (and doesn’t smell much different either). I won’t lie, when I gave it a sniff my next instinct was to taste it. But rather don’t to that. With Early Harvest Raspberry you have a choice of Shower Gel (R60), Body Scrub (R90) and Body Butter (R99).

Tried any of these yet? I’d love to hear your favourites.

C xx




  1. May 11, 2014 / 8:52 PM

    I’ve got the English Dawn White Gardenia fragrance mist – LOVE it. Very soft, subtle scent for every day, though it doesn’t last very long. I won’t lie, I’m dying to try the Raspberry scrub after reading quite a bit about it on UK blogs!

    • May 11, 2014 / 10:00 PM

      English Dawn is such a lovely scent. Give the raspberry a try, it’s very popular!

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