Blog update

After almost a week of being off the air, I’m back.

As I sit here typing I’m very, very grateful that I have a blog to type on. You see, there was a server crash, followed by faulty backups and a couple of other fun things thrown in for good measure. On Wednesday I pretty much didn’t have a blog, and I swore to everyone within earshot that I will not start over if I lost it all. I’d just give up (just call me Penny Positivity).

By Wednesday night there was good news and bad news. Good news: A working backup was located. Bad news: It was from January 16th, which meant the last two weeks are gone. I wasn’t happy about that, but I was very, very relieved to not have lost almost four years worth of work so I gave the go ahead.

While I’m annoyed about the content I’ve lost, I’m very grateful to not have lost all of it. We’re going to be doing insane backups (both on the server and on my side) should a fluke like this ever happen again, and I’m very grateful that my site host and general go-to tech guy was able to keep it together while I was a grumpy, panicky bitch on this side.

Even though there’s a couple of popular posts from the last two weeks that I’ll miss (5 MAC Favourites and The 30 Min House Clean were personal favourites) I’m not going to redo them. Instead I’ll just move on and it will be business as usual from tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience and kind words, I appreciate it muchly.

C x

PS – If you see anything on the site that doesn’t look quite right, please give me a shout. We made a lot of changes during January¬†and some things may have slipped under the radar.


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