Beauty News #21

Phew, what a long weekend (in the best possible way). I had such a great weekend, but do you think I’m revitalised and rested today? No, I’m unproductive and slow, and I feel that I might as well have taken the week off to do who knows what. Anyhoo, I do have some beauty news so let’s get to it.

Hair update

It’s been about a month since I chopped off my hair and had babylights added, and I couldn’t be happier with it.┬áThe cut seems to have ‘settled’ – I struggled with styling it the first couple of weeks, but it’s been much more low maintenance lately and it even looks decent now when I let it air dry.

As for the Babylights, they just seem to look better every week – the darker streaks have faded a bit, which makes everything look very cool, effortless and faux-natural. I should be making my next hair appointment but I’m enjoying my current ‘do so much that I’m in no rush.

(Too lazy to wash my hair this morning so no picture :P)

Roberto Cavalli Paradiso

Roberto Cavalli’s Paradiso is a delicious blend of citrus, spice, and something very tranquil-smelling I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s an easy-wearing scent that’s sweet enough to be sexy and spicy enough to be sophisticated – it’s one of the most well-rounded scents I’ve smelt in a while.

Roberto Cavalli Paradiso
Roberto Cavalli Paradiso

Prices to follow soon.

Prevage Anti Ageing Neck & Decollete Cream

I am herewith committing to giving my neck and chest some much needed attention. My skin is similar to my mom’s side of the fam, and genetically our faces age decent – but the necks, not so much.

Prevage neck cream
Prevage neck cream

Because I feel about neck-care the same way I feel about eye-care (if it’s good enough for my face, it’s good enough for my eyes/neck – i.e I don’t believe you necessarily need a separate product) Elizabeth’s Arden’s Prevage is a good one for me to try. It contains Idebenone as well as a protein reestoring complex, and the aim is to support collagen and elastin production for healthy, nourished skin.

I’m going to start using it now and I’ll report back at the end of April.

R1045, from Elizabeth Arden counters.

Now excuse me while I try my very best to not go have a nap.



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  1. Simone C
    Apr 8, 2015 / 10:03 AM

    At that price it had better work. lol

    Will be interested to hear the results. I find myself noticing necks a lot these days…it’s a sure tell tale sign of age even if the face looks good, so would like to take care of that myself.

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