Balm Balm Seven Single Notes – be your own perfumer

I’m a big fan of Aromatherapy, and a big fan of perfume. Due to their mass produced nature (and the way laboratories can cleverly mimic the real thing with a synthetic version nowadays), the former is hardly used in the latter anymore. Not in this case – I had so much fun with this, and I’m considering leaving all my perfume bottles at home and taking this kit on holiday with me for the sake of packing light.

Balm Balm Seven Single Notes
Balm Balm Seven Single Notes (2ml each). I’m smitten.

They’re pretty much pure, certified organic essential oils, some of them with some organic grain alcohol in the mix from the extraction process. You can wear them individually, or you can be your own perfumer and mix two or more single notes to create a more complex fragrance. While I find the simplicity of the single notes refreshing, someone who walks past you when you’re wearing Mandarin on it’s own might just think you were peeling a naartjie. Seven single notes might not sound like much, but you can create quite a number of fragrances made up of 2, 3 or 4 components each.

Balm Balm seven single notes, lined up in a row.
Balm Balm Seven SIngle Notes, FLTR: Ylang-Ylang, Petitgrain, Spearmint, Rose Geranium, Mandarin, Lavender, Bergamot. The Spearmint is to die for, and Mandarin is my second favourite, followed by Rose Geranium and Bergamot and who am I kidding, I like them all.

For now, Balm Balm Seven Single Notes are only available through the Balm Balm distributors, and not through any stockists. At R130 for the pack, I can’t recommend it enough.

To order, get in touch with the Balm Balm ladies through or

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    • Dec 18, 2012 / 2:57 PM

      It is! Love anything minty or citrusy, so it’s right up my alley!

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