Marie Claire’s* Acqua for Life Party – a sea of white for a good cause.

Last night celebrated a fancy pants bash to mark the third year of the annual Giorgio Armani Acqua for Life Campaign. This was held at the gorgeous Munro Boutique Hotel in Houghton Estate, Rosebank – it was the perfect fit for the theme, because the ENTIRE place is white. The only slight problem was the cobblestone driveway we had to walk up to get to the venue – it was exceptionally wobbly and shrouded in darkness, so it sounded as if a horror movie was being shot as women clung to whatever/whoever they could find for dear life to not wipe out in their pretty white outfits**

The Party was really vibey, and you only had to stick out an arm to reach a drink on a tray. We were distraught to discover the sushi bar only as they were packing up, but drowned our woes with frothy acqua cocktails and a couple of good old fashioned brownies – in the end, we only left because our feet hurt. And when friends of ours started chatting up the 7de Laan cast – I’m sure that’s written in a when-to-leave-the-party-guide somewhere… By the way, you couldn’t swing a cat without hitting a local celeb. Actors from various local platforms, radio personalities, just about everyone in SA that wears a sash… all accounted for.

The entrance hall was lined with schmodels holding signs with water conserving slogans
The entrance hall was lined with schmodels holding Acqua for Life water conserving slogans
I took this just as we arrived - guests in white.
I took this just as we arrived – guests dressed in white according to the Acqua for Life party dress code.
Really shoddy pic, but I just loved the bubble mackines over the pool!
Really shoddy pic, but I just loved the bubble machines over the pool! There were some synchronised swimmers in the pool later on, but I missed most of it as I was all the way on the other side of the venue when they started. And I then only got blurry shots of Mr SA’s profile when I tried to photograph them past him.

But back to the reason for the party. Millions of litres of clean drinking water had been provided by the Acqua for Life campaign in the past (I know Ghana was previously a beneficiary), and they plan to continue doing so this year. When you purchase a marked bottle (check that it has special sticker on the box) of Acqua di Gioia, Acqua di Gioia Essenza, Acqua di Gio or Acqua di Gio Essenza, 100 litres of clean water will be donated on your behalf. You can also then use a special code on the sticker, and continue the process with the Acqua for Life Facebook community to further donate water.

This campaign kicks off on World Water Day (22 March) and runs until the end of April. I received the newer Acqua di Gioia Essenza to try out, and I’ll be reviewing it in a short while.

C xx

*I realise this is the second Marie Claire post this week. I am in no way affiliated with MC, they just happen to have Ahmazing events, and they invite me to some of them because I’m Ahmazing too (I also make lots of jokes)

**I may or may not have said things like ‘I hate this dress code!’ and ‘The 90’s phoned, and they want their dress code back’. Turns out a crowd clad in white does look really awesome, and that I really like my new lacy off-white dress.

The End.


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