I’ve been sitting on this for almost a week now because I didn’t want to publish an emotional reaction, but rather some well organised thoughts. I have also been in bed for the past four days with a very sexy sinus infection and thought it would be best if I… View Post

Today we have an epic battle of two cult highlighters – The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer VS Becca Champagne Pop, which was developed in collaboration with beauty Youtuber Jacklyn Hill. Both are über glowy highlighters and there are some similarities in the two products but they’re definitely not identical, so I’ll… View Post

Almost two months ago I had a L’Oreal Pro Fiber in-salon treatment and I was sent off with the home care. I’ll walk you through the process and give you feedback on how exactly everything worked for me. The L’Oreal Pro Fiber treamtents come in three variants for different levels of… View Post

Aside from the very obvious bits, one of my favourite parts of international travel is duty free shopping. Getting to browse brands not available locally (or even just extended ranges of brands we do have) gives me inappropriate amounts of joy, and my credit card equal amounts grief. While I… View Post

Ready for some beauty news? A while back the team from Juiced Co sent me some of their juices, soups and smoothies to try. They deliver their beverages frozen, and that’s the way I found them even though I only went to pick up my parcel half a day after… View Post